Platform Trailers NEW

    Standard inclusive:

  • Towbar with 4 four hights for brake mounting
  • Loadings rings om 4 sides ( also front and back )
  • Standard lowered chassis
  • 18 mm wooden floor (1 part)
  • Wheels 185/60R12

Platform Trailers PDF

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PL 750kg single axle unbreakedOfferOfferOfferOffer
PL 1350kg single axleOfferOfferOfferOffer
PL 1500kg single axleOfferOfferOfferOffer
PL 1800kg single axleOfferOfferOfferOffer
PL 2000kg 2 axlesOfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOffer
PL 2700kg 2 axlesOfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOffer
PL 3000kg 2 axlesOfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOffer
PL 3500kg 2 axlesOfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOffer
PL 2000kg 2 axlesOfferOfferOfferOffer
PL 2700kg 2 axlesOfferOfferOfferOffer
PL 3000kg 2 axlesOfferOfferOfferOffer
PL 3500kg 2 axlesOfferOfferOfferOffer
PL 3500kg 3x1500kg 3 axlesOfferOfferOfferOffer
PL 3500kg 3x1800kg 3 axlesOfferOfferOfferOffer
PL 3500kg Parabolic 2x1800kgOfferOfferOfferOffer
PL 3500kg Parabolic 3x1800kg tridemOfferOfferOfferOffer