Parabolic Springs!

Back in time or ahead?

Knott rubber sprung axles are known to be very solid and hardly curvilinear, but never the less, Henra also sees the advantages of parabolic sprung axles. The increasing demand from the market for parabolic springs has made us decide to offer both systems side by side. Parabolic springs provide considerably more comfort and stability than classic leaf springs. With the same loading capacity can suffice with fewer blades per axle with respect to leaf suspension. Knott uses two spring leaves that require limited space. (The trailers are not higher than with standard rubber sprung axles). This makes parabolic springs 30% lighter, easier to assemble and have a longer lifespan, compared to old-fashioned leaf springs.

Initially we can supply parabolic springs on all our 3-sided tippers at 3500KG (with the exception of 4mtr double axis). After extensive test work on a test circuit of a large one car manufacturer we can offer a very solid product. In the short term, others will follow product groups. For this extra price the tippers are equipped with standard equipment shock absorbers.