After the introduction of the Henra new platform trailer, we are taking our product to the next level. We are
proud to present our fi rst Top model from the new Henra Xpert series. The new platform trailer is the fi rst
model that will be introduced with the optional Xpert package.

The Xpert packages will eventually become available for all product groups. They will get the same appearance
as much as possible. The Xpert version has leading performance in safety, ease of use and appearance.
Each platform trailer with an Xpert package will be equipped with:
– Dynamic Led rear lights with sweeping led turn signal lights (without resistance box).
– Black coated tail light protectors, which are specially developed to fi t the dynamic LED lighting.
– High-quality aluminium box mounted on the tow bar, front panel can still be opened.
– Orange side marker lights are built into the edge beams.
– Red / white contour lighting integrated in the rear pillars.
– Extra heavy jockey wheel 500kg.
– Black rims 185 / 60R12.
– All around black wraping in the recessed surface of the aluminium side panels.
– Silver grey / red Xpert sticker on black wrapping for recognizability.

The Henra XPERT platform trailer can be ordered as of today.
The first Xpert platform trailers will be delivered in May!
If you would like to know more about the above or about one of our
other products, please contact the sales department or email your
orders to
Kind regards,
Henra Aanhangwagens.


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