What is the maximum weight capacity of a trailer?

When it comes to choosing the right trailer for your transportation needs, understanding the maximum weight capacity is essential. Several factors play a role in determining this capacity, including the laws in different countries within Europe, the type of trailer and the corresponding driver’s license. In this blog, we take a closer look at aspects such as the distribution of weight between load and trailer, the variations between European countries and the necessary driving license requirements.

Distribution of weight

An important aspect when loading a trailer is understanding the distribution of weight. A general guideline is that about 60% of the total weight should rest on the axles of the trailer, with the remaining 40% transferred to the towing vehicle. This ensures stable and balanced road handling.

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Types of trailers and their weights

The maximum weight of a trailer can vary depending on the type of trailer, the laws in the particular country and the type of license the driver has. Generally, the maximum weight of a trailer is expressed as the Mass Total Maximum (MTM), which includes the total weight of both the empty trailer itself and the load it can carry. Here are some general categories of trailers and their maximum weight capacity:

  1. Light trailers: For light trailers towed by passenger cars with a standard B license, the maximum MTM can often range from about 750 kg to 1,500 kg, depending on the specific laws in the country.
  1. Heavy trailers: For heavier trailers towed by higher weight capacity vehicles, such as vans or trucks, the maximum MTM can be significantly higher, possibly ranging from 3,500 kg to more than 10,000 kg, depending on the specific situation and driving license.
  1. Special trailers: For specialized trailers, such as machine transporters, tippers and horse trailers, the maximum weight can vary greatly, depending on the design and functionality of the trailer.
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Differences between European countries

Regulations regarding trailer weights can vary between European countries. Although there are general EU directives, some countries have additional rules and regulations that must be followed. It is therefore very important to be aware of the specific legislation in the country in which you intend to use the trailer.

Do you need to get a special license for your trailer?

Driving license requirements for driving a vehicle with a trailer vary depending on the weight of the trailer and the towing vehicle. In many European countries, the following applies:

  1. B driving license: allows you to tow a trailer with an MTM up to a certain weight, usually between 750 kg and 3,500 kg, depending on the country.
  2. BE license: This license is required to tow a heavier trailer whose MTM exceeds the authorized weight for a B license.
  3. C license: A C license may be required for heavy trailers and trucks, regardless of the type of trailer being towed.

It is important to check the licensing requirements in your specific country before setting off with a trailer!

Safe on the road with Henra

Understanding the maximum weight capacity of a trailer is crucial for safe and legally responsible transportation. Can we serve you with expert advice tailored to your unique situation and needs? At Henra, we are always ready to discuss the optimal solution with you. Before our Henra trailers leave the factory, they undergo thorough inspections, extensive testing and meet all required approvals. As a result, you can rely on Henra quality in every task. Please feel free to contact us for further information or request a no-obligation quote.

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