Machine Transporter (MT)

Henra proudly presents: The new Machine Transporter (MT)

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Machine Transporter Black Bottom
– black powder coated chassis
(drawbar legs, frame ramp)

More fully equipped as standard than ever before
  • Screwed tubular drawbar with 2 different heights for overrun brake mounting
  • Tie hooks in V-groove sunk into loading platform
  • Very low loading floor for easy entry and exit
  • Access ramp 115 cm. long with solid ramp support and adjustable spring system
  • Entrance ramp provided with a solid and practical swivel lock (to prevent rattling of the ramp)
  • Solid bucket stand, which also serves as a spare wheel holder
  • Built-in LED side marker lights in side profiles
  • LED wide-angle lights and, if required by law, LED outline lights
  • Closed front with tubular frame
  • Solid 18 mm plywood/wood floor with anti-slip surface in one piece
  • Wheels 185/60R12


  • LED rear lights and more attractive LED contour light version
  • Rear light protectors in powder-coated black
  • Black reflective striping running all the way down the side and part of the front
  • Red reflective striping on the tailgate
  • 4 anti-slip mats on both mudguards on the 2.5 metre version (versions >2.5 metres, one extra anti-slip mat per half metre)
  • Red/white LED contour lights
  • Extra heavy jockey wheel (static 500kg)
  • Xpert sticker
  • Black rims and tyres 185/60R12C
MT - 2700kg – torsie geveerdOfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOffer
MT - 3000kg – torsie geveerdOfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOffer
MT - 3500kg – torsie geveerdOfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOffer
MT - 3500kg – parabolic 2x1800kg (NIEUWOfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOffer
MT - 2700kg – torsie geveerd (tandem)OfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOffer
MT - 3000kg – torsie geveerd (tandem)OfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOffer
MT - 3500kg – torsie geveerd (tandem)OfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOffer
MT - 3500kg – parabolic 2x1800kg (NIEUW)OfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOffer
MT - 3500kg – torsie geveerd 3x1500kgOfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOffer
MT - 3500kg – torsie geveerd 3x1800kgOfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOffer
MT - 3500kg – parabolic 3x1800kg (NIEUW) OfferOfferOfferOfferOfferOffer