3-way tippers

  • Standard electric with battery
  • Standard with removable ladderrack 110 cm
  • 5-stage cylinder
  • Standardwith sledge for loading ramps
  • Standard with steelplate on 18 mm wooden floor
  • Equipped with heavy-V construction in the bottom chassis
  • Chassis equipped with transverse tubes every 40 cm
  • Long A-frame for an optimal handling
Kippers - Henra
Model 301x185331x185351x185401x185401x202
KP2730182700 kg - 185/60R12 wheels new low wheelsOffer
KP3530183500 kg - 195/50R13 wheelsOffer
KP2733182700 kg - 185/60R12 wheelsOffer
KP3533183500 kg - 195/50R13 wheelsOffer
KP2735182700 kg - 185/60R12 wheelsOffer
KP3535183500 kg - 195/50R13 wheelsOffer
KP2740182700 kg - 185/60R12 wheelsOffer
KP3540183500 kg - 195/50R13 wheelsOffer
KP354018TR3500 kg - 195/50R13 wheels (3x1800 kg Axles)Offer
KP3540203500 kg - 195/50R13 wheelsOffer
KP354020TR3500 kg - 195/50R13 wheels (3x1800 kg Axles)Offer